To establish, develop, maintain, and operate the highest quality mental and behavioral

health programs for Klamath County's adults, children, adolescents and families.

Mental health services are available to Spanish speaking consumers by bilingual, bicultural mental health professionals.

KBBH will accept referrals from virtually any source. Every adult, child and adolescent that requests services will receive an initial assessment to determine if further behavioral health care services are indicated. Consumers can phone the main KBBH clinic during office hours to arrange for a screening appointment, in most situations appointments can be arranged within 48 hours, and in an emergency same day appointments are available. KBBH also offers walk in screenings if a phone call is inconvenient or not possible. If transportation to our main facility is not available, our staff will travel to homes, schools and other community-based locations to conduct screening and assessment interviews. Mental health crises that occur outside of business hours are managed by KBBH staff through the Emergency Department at Skylakes Medical Center.

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